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Whitmer’s Economy Continues to Lag Behind

Whitmer’s Economy Continues to Lag Behind

July 16, 2021

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s failed leadership is garnering headlines yet again, this time over Michigan’s lagging economic recovery, which has fallen behind nearly every other state in the nation. MLive reports:

“Michigan’s June job numbers are out, but there’s not much to boast about… Jobs growth has been mostly stagnant, with employers reporting 14,000 more nonfarm payroll jobs in June compared to May, using seasonally adjusted data. More than half the gains came from the leisure and hospitality field and government jobs.”

While Whitmer touted late last month that Michigan’s economic recovery was “best in the Midwest”, recent analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Michigan’s GDP down 2 points between the start of the pandemic (Q4 2019) and the present (Q1 2021). In addition, data shows that Michigan is significantly lagging behind every other state in the Great Lakes region in economic recovery.

Whitmer has received criticism for her decision to continue to offer expanded federal unemployment benefits, which in many cases offers individuals more money to stay home than go to work, causing statewide labor shortages.

“Governor Whitmer’s leadership in restarting Michigan’s economy has been a complete and utter disaster, on par with her destructive shutdowns and restrictions, which have immeasurably harmed Michigan families,” said Eric Ventimiglia, executive director for Michigan Rising Action. Ventimiglia continued, “Whitmer must abandon her left-wing agenda of handouts and anti-business policies if Michigan’s economy is to have a chance at recovering from her complete mismanagement over the last year.”

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