Gov. Whitmer Gaslights Michigan (Again) Gov. Whitmer Gaslights Michigan (Again) - Michigan Rising Action

Gov. Whitmer Gaslights Michigan (Again)

Gov. Whitmer Gaslights Michigan (Again)

August 15, 2022

Lansing, Mich., August 15, 2022 – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released a statement claiming to understand the importance of in-person learning despite her repeated efforts to keep students out of school during the pandemic:  

In March 2020, Whitmer closed schools across the state, forcing students to isolate themselves at home. In October 2020, Whitmer said she was disappointed and disagreed with the Michigan Supreme Court ruling that determined she lacked executive order powers to close schools and businesses, along with other orders she imposed on the state. In April 2021, Whitmer again urged schools to close, but school districts listened to community members instead of Whitmer.   

Now, Whitmer wants Michigan to believe that she supports in-person learning for students. 

“Governor Gretchen Whitmer is gaslighting Michiganders once again”, said Eric Ventimiglia, Executive Director for Michigan Rising Action. Ventimiglia continued, “First she closed schools, then she disagreed when the MI Supreme Court said she lacked executive order power to keep schools closed, and still she tried yet again to close schools. Michiganders don’t believe for a second that Whitmer truly cares about in-person learning for students.”

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